Reticular cell sarcoma


Llombart A Jr, Peydro A, Lopez-Fernandez A, Zuzuarregui C: [Ewing type reticular sarcoma of bone marrow. Optic, histochemical and electron study of 2 cases]. Ann Anat Pathol (Paris) 1970 Oct-Dec;15(4):431-52.          [See related articles]

Sarrazin D: [Modern radiotherapy of sarcoma: irradiation technic and its results in reticular bone sarcoma]. Zentralbl Chir 1967;92(26a Pt 2):1672-85.          [See related articles]

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Related differential diagnosis

Ill-defined lucent medullary bone lesion
Grossly expansile lucent bone lesion
"Moth-eaten" bone

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