The Musculoskeletal Radiologist Guide to the Internet

A. Gentili, MD, A.P. Lai, MD
 Los Angeles, California

The Internet had an explosive growth in the last few years from 130 web sites in June 1993 to over 8 million in October 1999. An enormous amount of educational material in musculoskeletal radiology is available on the Internet, this material includes teaching files, tutorials, manuals, textbooks, articles, and atlases. The specific aim of this project was to consolidate and create a user-friendly interface to existing educational material in Musculoskeletal Radiology. The existing resources are filtered, organized and presented in a logical fashion for use by the radiology residents and staff. Currently we have included over 1000 musculoskeletal teaching cases from over 40 World Wide Web sites on the Internet. All these files are reviewed, and categorized systematically. To keep current with the updates at each web site, the links are periodically reviewed. Criteria for inclusion of the World Wide Web sites are: a) the site must be free to use, b) the site must be in English or with an English translation c) the site must be listed in one of the major search engines.


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